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Plush Toy Inside a Dental Ball - Hedgehog

Plush Toy Inside a Dental Ball - Hedgehog

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This unique two-in-one toy features various textures for your dog’s chewing enjoyment. The furry plush of the hendgehog's body, ears and feet will feel soft to your dog’s touch. When he bites down, he’ll feel the crinkly reinforced nylon between his teeth for another chewing sensation. The body of the hendgie is encased in a spiky thermoplastic rubber ball that your dog will love chomping on. Inside of it all is a squeaker that is sure to be a pleasant surprise for your pupper.

DENTAL HEALTH: This toy features a unique and textured surface that is conducive to keep your dog’s teeth clean and is gentle on your pet's mouth. Good gums and teeth will be maintained by healthy chewing behavior.

UNIQUE NOISEMAKER: Each toy contains a loud squeaker that is designed to catch your dog's interests and inspire playtime.

PLUSH TOYS - Cuddly toy is soft and filled with stuffing, perfect for your pups’ sensitive gums and teeth

JUST THE RIGHT SIZE - Tailormade toy exclusive for puppies and small dogs: 3 x 4 x 3"

UNIQUE DESIGN - Beautifully-designed, high-quality pet products for the modern dog and dog owner

DURABLE: Ultra-durable sandwich mesh fabric and a robust interior liner that stands up to rough play (Not meant for power chewers)

EASY CLEAN: Machine washable

The More You Buy, The More We Donate:  $1 from every item purchased goes to help pets in need.